Working With China

Some of the most common problems with sourcing products from China are inconsistent quality standards, the language barrier (which can make getting what you want just that little bit more difficult) and, regrettably, the potential for a low standard of care for the workforce.

CF Accessories has been established in the industry for over 16 years and consistency is the key to our success. We have English speaking customer service agents based permanently in Europe and our in-depth knowledge of our products means we know what you are looking for.

Ethically Minded

CF Accessories is located in Hong Kong, China. A former British colony, Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region of China and is a focal point of trade and industry in the East. The Hong Kong legal system continues to follow English Common Law and has its own set of Labour Legislations which includes provisions such as Wage Protection, Maternity Protection and Holiday Periods.
If you would like to learn more about Hong Kong's approach to labour law please visit the Hong Kong Labour Department site.

CF Accessories maintains a very high ethical standard regarding the treatment of people working in the company and strictly observes Hong Kong's labour laws to ensure that our employees are well protected.

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