Swing Tickets/Hangtags

A swing ticket is a key element for establishing brand identity. Often referred to as a swing tag or hangtag, CF Accessories produces swing tickets that are perfect for promoting your products and can be produced according to your specification. There is a wide range of different materials such as card, fabric, metal or plastic with different finishing options such as spot UV, foil, stitching and distress.  Other accessories options include eyelets, beads and different types of strings. Please click one of the thumbnails  below to view some swing tickets samples. 

To complete your whole brand awareness solution, please have a look at CF Accessories's Seals.

Fabric Swing Tickets with Clear Plastic Card Backing, Bead Accessories and Metal Logo Decal
Swing Ticket with Rough Texture Card and Press Cut Logo
Hangtags with Double Sided Card and Spot UV logos
Hangtags with Linen Cover Card and Gold/Silver Logos
Foam Swing Tickets with Printed Logo
Card Hangtag with Printed Fabric Cover and Eyelet Decal
Swing Tickets with High Gloss Screen Print Logo
High Gloss Offset Printed Swing Tickets
Stressed Paper Hangtags with Metal Decal
Card Swing Ticket with Gold Plated Accessory and Buttons Pouch
Metal Swing Ticket with Paper Cover and Eyelet Detail
Stress Fabric Hangtag with Printed Canvas and Eyelet Detail


Minimum Order Qty:

Please call for detail.

Lead Time:

2 - 3 Weeks


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