Corozo Buttons

Corozo is a 100% natural vegetable material. Corozo is the nut of a 5 to 6 metres tall palm tree (Phitelephas Macrocarpas) that grows throughout the humid tropical forest of north-west South America. Corozo buttons are highly durable and crack resistant. One of the most popular products produced by CF Accessories. Please click one of the thumbnails from below to view some corozo button samples.

If you are looking for buttons with more sturcture, please have a look at CF Accessories's Metal Buttons

Green 2 Holes Corozo Button
Pink 2 Holes Corozo Button
Grey Marl 2 Holes Corozo Button
Dark Grey 2 Holes Corozo Button
Beige 2 Holes Corozo Button
Dark Brown 2 Holes Corozo Button
Black 4 Holes Corozo Button
Brown Corozo Shank Button


Minimum Order Qty:

from 5,000pcs

Lead Time:

2-3 Weeks

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