Fold Options for Woven Labels

End Fold
End folded labels are folded down on the left and right side. 

Straight Cut
Also known as heat cut. It's not straightly a fold, the woven label is cut from the woven tape using heated wire.

Loop Fold
Same as the centre fold, but the woven label is not creased flat. It is normally sewn into the side seam.

Manhattan Fold
Like a centre fold label but the top is also folded down creating a flap to tuck the bottom into the flap. Sometime the sides of the woven label are heat sealed to create a pocket for spare buttons, it is then sewn into the side seam.

Centre Fold
The woven label is folded in the middle and usually sewn into the seam. The information are divided on top and bottom. The information in the back can be read when the woven is flipped upward.

Mitre Fold
The ends of the woven label are folded under and up creating a tab to be sewn into the seam.

Die Cut
No folding, the woven label is cut into different shapes using a die or cut by laser.


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